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The Pharmacy and Medicine Area is a meeting point for knowledge in this area through different events and debates.

#farmaCSC 2017

The cycle of debates #farmaCSC on Public Management of Innovative Medicines held its first edition in 2017 with the aim of identifying innovations in the management of access to innovative medicines and to propose a debate that proposes solutions to the challenges that arise regarding evaluation, financing and purchasing as facilitating tools for access management. The cycle of sessions allowed to know first hand the analysis and vision of the main decision-makers and opinion leaders in Catalonia in this topic and to relate with experts and other professionals involved in the management of access to medicines.

#farmaCSC 2018

In 2018, the cycle of debates #farmaCSC on Public Management of innovative medicines was carried out with sessions in which the best strategies for access to medicines were addressed in four areas: anticipation, access management, innovative purchase and health outcomes, and focusing each session on a therapeutic area: oncology, hematology, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases and minority diseases.