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Values and conduct


  • Representation and defence of associates' interests. CSC provides its associates with protection and support to carry out their work in social services and health care. It defends and represents their interests in their dealings with the public authorities and other social stakeholders.
  • Promotion of proximity and integration. CSC promotes a community-based approach to health and social care, encouraging territorial equilibrium and fairness, and based on a model which encourages continuity of care and integration of service providers.
  • Autonomy and good business practice. CSC encourages the network of service providers to uphold the values of management autonomy, good governance and transparency, and provides them with the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide professional services based on sound business practice.


  • CSC provides services with high degree of added value to its associates, and works together with them to continue defining its model and adapting to changing realities in health centres, amongst social services providers, and in local town councils.
  • CSC aims to be a leader in public business management, demonstrating its proven capacity to operate a service and consultancy group in Catalonia and in other areas.
  • CSC aims to progress towards these objectives via partnerships which are positive for its associates and which provide them with financial strength and strong working relationships.   


  • To act in a spirit of public service, free from political interference
  • To incorporate ethical principles and social responsibility in decision-making
  • To be close to people and foster citizen representation and participation
  • To promote cooperation and acquisition of knowledge as a basis for innovation
  • To demand transparency and efficiency in the management of public, private, and third party resources
  • To practise good governance in institutions providing health and social care
  • To argue in favour of political and social consensus in decisions relating to public management of health and social care
  • To provide continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the quality management system

Code of ethics

In line with our corporate responsibility policy, CSC has drawn up a Code of Ethics in order to provide a set of principles of behaviour for all those who belong to the CSC when they act on behalf the institution. The Code of Ethics standardizes principles of behaviour for the association, the foundation, the employers' association and the group of companies, in order to ensure that the organizations and people who make up CSC act in line with the values and objectives of the consortium. 

Download our code of ethics (PDF 62 kb, in catalan)