In 2002 the CSC established a collaboration agreement with the Universidad Pompeu Fabra to promote training in public health as a strategy to support health service management. As a result of this agreement the CSC now offers two grants a year to enable the participation of health professionals who wish to study for the Master's in Public Health. The grants, which amount to two thirds of the matriculation fee, are awarded through a public award process which anyone pre-registered in the Master's may apply for. 

Grantholders carry out their dissertation research in CSC and associates' spheres of activity: health policy, organization and management of health and social services (hospitals, primary health care, community health care, social care, etc.) and public health on a municipal level, collaborating with one of the departments and associates, and frequently under the supervision of the Research Service. 

The main criteria taken into account in the selection process are:

  • Origin: priority is given to workers in institutions associated or managed by CSC and to Latin American students.
  • Interest demonstrated in health policies, organization and management of health services (hospitals, primary care, community health, etc.) and/or in public health on a municipal level.

Since the scheme started, a total of 14 students from Latin America and Europe have completed their dissertations on topics related to the integration of health services, immigrant population care, public health, and on allocation mechanisms based on population.  

In order to request more information and to pre-register please contact the Master's Secretary Office on salut.publica(ELIMINAR)