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Who we are and what we do

The SACAC has an extensive track-record in public procurement, having built up wide experience in the field. The aim of SACAC is to provide legal security to associate centres and to ensure the strict application of public procurement regulations in all types of procurement.

The SACAC provides a rapid and effective service, supporting associates throughout the entire administrative process of public procurement within the framework of current legislation, providing all the tools needed to achieve objectives set for each procurement process.



The SACAC has two basic functions:

  • To act as a central purchasing department in the subsidized sector: carrying out centralized calls for tender on behalf of the centres with an interest in the tender, in order to achieve the best possible economies of scale.
  • To provide associate centres with the services they require in the administrative processing of their own procurement activities, including providing legal advice.

Quality policy

Code of good practices in public procurement in the SACAC field

SACAC rates

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