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Who we are and what we do

The CSC-CiG specializes in projects to support the management of health and community care bodies. We also carry out research and offer solutions for the macro-management of systems and integrated networks for public authorities and multilateral organizations.  

The work of the International CiG Consultancy has led to the Consortium developing a permanent collaboration agreement with the Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization and to be recognized by this organization as an expert in Integrated Health Systems.

Service Portfolio

  • Management administration
  • Organization and management of health systems
  • Organization and management of health providers
  • Community care and social services
  • Information systems
  • Training and skill development
  • Public Health
  • Service to support the process of accreditation in primary health care and intermediate care
  • Support for the implementation of quality management systems in order to achieve ISO-9001 certification in health centres and services.
  • CRP Platform for Medical Research