Board of CSC, SA

Board of Directors CSC, SA

The Board of Directors of CSC, SA is composed of members appointed by the majority shareholder (CSC, 51%) and of representatives of other shareholders. The minority shareholders are all bodies associated with the Consortium who individually subscribed to a capital increase in the past.

An Executive Committee, designated by members of the Board of Directors meets once a month. The members of the Executive Committee are also members of the Board of Directors of the companies in which CSC holds 100% of the shares.


  • Manel  Ferré  i Montañés 

First Vice President

  • Jordi Bachs i Ferrer

Members of the Board of Directors

  • Ramón Cunillera i Graño 
  • Joaquim Monllau i Bayerri
  • Òscar Subirats i Torrebadell


  • Joaquim Monllau i Bayerri

Vice Secretary

  • Miriam De Cádiz i Toledano