The SEPPS Research Service is the CSC research unit. It was created in 1996 to reinforce the strategic positioning of CSC and its associates within the Catalan health sector.

Since 2009 the Health and Health Services Policy Research Group, which is led by SEPPS and which a number of associate organizations are involved in, has been recognized by the Catalan Government Universities and Research Committee, first as an emerging research group, and since 2014 as a consolidated group ((2017 SGR 45).

The general objective of SEPPS is to contribute to the development of knowledge within CSC.

Its specific objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the active involvement of CSC in Catalan health policy with the analysis of health policies and the generation of initiatives.
  • Develop lines of research in areas of interest to CSC.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of CSC knowledge and experience in order to benefit from synergies and improve communication with associates, professionals, and society in general.
  • Contribute to associate decision-making by providing more concrete information.