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What is the CAPSS employers’ association?

CAPSS is a business association created by CSC associates in 1995 in accordance with the Law which regulates the right to trade union association (19/77). It is a non-profit body, independent of the public administration, and governed by statutes and its own governing bodies.

Its main tasks are to represent, defend and promote the economic, social and professional interests of its affiliates.

CSC Associate Health and Community Care bodies as well as bodies who manage centres which are members of CSC with their own staff may be members of CAPSS. All CSC associate bodies are members of CAPSS. There is also the legal status of associate partner.  

CAPSS shares the Mission, Vision and Values of CSC


  • To represent, defend and promote the economic, social and professional interests of its affiliates.
  • To further solidarity amongst affiliated health and community health centres, promoting and creating services in common.
  • To encourage the necessary steps for associate centres to improve their services
  • To organize ongoing training and professional development for those in positions of responsibility and those in charge of associate centres, as well as those who provide the services.
  • To represent the interests of affiliates as a whole in negotiating working conditions of its workforce in negotiations with trade unions, other professional associations, employers' associations and public administrations.
  • To foment Occupational Health and Health Education amongst workers with our own programs or by taking part in programs which are run by Health and Labour authorities. 

Board of directors

  • General Meeting
    This is the main governing body of the CAPSS Employers' Association and is composed of representatives from all the associate institutions. It meets at least once a year to approve the year's management and to propose future lines of action.
  • CAPSS Statuts (PDF 106 kb, in catalan)

Members of the board of directors

  • Manel Ferré i Montañés
  • Rafael Lledó i Rodríguez
  • Anna Aran i Solé
  • Gemma Craywinckel i Martí
  • Adrià Comella i Camicé
  • José Augusto García i Navarro
  • Sara Manjón del Solar
  • Joaquim Monllau i Bayerri
  • Pilar Otermín i Vallejo
  • Josep M Padrosa i Macias
  • Manel Valls i Martorell

Management team

Secretary General

  • Rafael Lledó

Executive Director

  • Pilar Rol

Participation bodies (committees and plenary)

  • Human Resources Plenary
    This is group composed of Directors of Human Resources which acts as a means of participation, reflection, debate and guidance for the design of labour, social and professional development policies on a strategic level and in operations.
    A minimum of five meetings a year are programmed which are held in the different associate institutions and have the aim of sharing best practice in Human Resources currently being carried out in the sector. These meetings also serve as a forum to reflect on topical issues.
  • Committees and work groups
    The Board of Directors may agree on the creation of committees and work groups to investigate specific issues in the different areas of interest to the Employer's organization. These committees and work groups may be permanent or temporary.
  • Work Groups

Bodies in which CAPSS is involved