What is the consortium? >

Bodies in which CSC is involved

The Consortium is co-founder or has promoted the creation of various organizations and bodies which encourage activities in the health and social care sector such as health at work, continuing training, and employer's activities.

Service Providers

Asociación Mancomunidad Sanitaria de Prevención (aMSP)
The AMSP is a non-profit, independently-managed prevention service specializing in the field of health and community care. It was created by centres associated with CSC in 1998.

Unión Consorcio formación (UCf)
UCF is a CSC and La Unió joint initiative created to respond to the needs of professionals and sector organizations for continuing training.

Laboratorio de referencia de Cataluña (LRC)
The LRC was created in 1991 by the Consortium and one of its associates, the IMAS, Parc de Salut Mar. The LRC laboratory carries out clinical analyses, consultancy and research.

Local Consortia

The CSC is also involved in consortia which are created ad hoc, frequently on the basis of a local government initiative, in order to plan or manage service provision to people, mainly in the field of social care.

Other bodies

Confederación de entidades catalanas de atención a la dependencia sin ánimo de lucro (CECAD)
The CSC is founder-partner of CECAD. This body was created in 2006 with the aim of representing non-profit bodies in Catalonia which specialize in social care.

Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales del Tercer Sector Social de Atención a las Personas de Cataluña
The CSC is a member of this confederation which is a business organization founded in 1997 which represents non-profit bodies providing care services in Catalonia.


The CSC is a partner of PIMEC and both entities have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen health and social care in Catalonia.

Fomento del Trabajo Nacional
CSC is a member of Fomento.

Fundación Factor Humano
The FFH is an organization whose aim is to improve management of people and organization. The CSC is an associate and patron.

Sociedad Catalana de Mediación en Salud
The CSC was one of the bodies which promoted the creation of SCMS which was founded in 2012. The objective of SCMS is to promote mediation in health contexts as a way of preventing and resolving conflicts.

The CSC is a founder-partner of the Catalan association for the struggle against stigma and discrimination as a result of mental health problems.