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Management areas

Management Support Service

The added value which the management company contributes is generated by sharing our well-proven and shared management model, by the synergies which come from the relationships and the collaborative work in CSC, and from the support that bodies receive from the central services provided by the Consortium in all management areas, from the most day-to-day to the most strategic.   

Institutional Representation

  • Support to governing bodies in dealings with the Catalan Department of Health
  • Support to Managers in negotiations with CatSalut

Consultancy on strategic projects

  • Pool of hours with senior consultants for support in taking strategic decisions
  • General guidance for building works, health and social services facilities and equipment, and for dealing with structural and engineering problems

Legal advice

  • Advice in all legal areas
  • Guidance in negotiation and writing of contracts, collective agreements, and commercial transactions, etc.
  • of legal notes and reports.
  • Formulation of documents for disciplinary and dismissal proceedings
  • Support in dealings with the Labour Administration authority
  • Guidance in the application of collective agreements
  • Drawing up special clauses in employment contracts
  • Support to and/or participation in Ethics Committees

Communication Advice

  • Support in relationships with the media. Incident management
  • Guidance in crisis management
  • Consultancy on marketing and communication strategies
  • Support in the organization of public ceremonies and events
  • Evaluation and fostering of new communication projects

Support in Human Resources Management

  • Selection of managers, senior managers, and other types of professional needed by bodies via a job bank
  • Guidance in drawing up processes and writing of documents related to human resource management (Welcome Handbook,etc.)
  • Support to Human Resources Directors (especially when settling in to a new organization).

Joint Procurement Service (SACAC)

  • Support in administrative procurement procedures
  • Support in the preparation of administrative document related to procurement

Economic and financial guidance

  • Experts in financial and budget planning

Guidance in Information Systems

  • Research and evaluation of needs for technology and information systems
  • Procurement of products benefiting from economies of scale
  • Support during the implementation of new information systems
  • Negotiation and representation with providers


  • Meetings with those in charge of different areas of managed organizations.
  • Working meetings on joint projects (teleradiology, information systems, etc.)
  • Joint treatment of themes of common interest: accident and emergency models, professional development and management by objectives, dashboards, etc.
  • Independent monitoring of bodies in order to identify points for improvement and provide them with comparative information

Centrally-located information and results

  • Dashboards are compiled for the different areas in the organizations on the following categories:  Productivity, Quality, and Efficiency