In exceptional cases the CSC acts as a provider of management services, taking ownership and complete management of the activity of the centre.

Direct management of services by CSC is always undertaken at the request of an associate centre or public authority for a limited time and never in competition with other associates.

ABS La Roca del Vallès

The Catalan Health Service has contracted out the primary health services of the municipality of La Roca del Vallès to the CSC since 1 December 2002.

La Roca del Vallès Primary Health Team cares for a population of some 10,085 inhabitants (Idescat 2008), basically inhabitants of the municipality of La Roca. It is split between three centres: the Vicente Papaceit Primary Health Centre, the La Torreta Surgery, and the Santa Inés Surgery.

The aim of the management model applied in ABS de La Roca is to provide the very highest standard of primary care in a setting which is as accessible to people as possible.  To this end, the ABS de La Roca provides citizens with the full portfolio of services financed by CatSalut and a series of complementary services for which there is a charge, all in the best possible conditions.  Thanks to these different types of institutional collaborations and the non-profit status of our organization the cost of these services to the citizen is moderate or even free.

Adress: CAP Vicenç Papaceit: Plaça de l'Era, s/n
Tel: (+34) 93 842 44 32
E-mail: absroca(ELIMINAR)

Cotxeres Multi-service Health Centre

The Cotxeres CIS is a new public health centre which comprises a primary health centre, a 24 hour accident and emergency unit, an outpatient rehabilitation centre, a 205-place community health centre, a 50-person day hospital, and a mental health unit. This makes it possible to provide comprehensive care in the north of the city, with health professionals who are specialists in primary care (ordinary and emergency), in the care of frailer patients and those undergoing rehabilitation.  

The origin of the project

On June 1 2005 the Catalan Health Service and the Catalan Hospital Consortium (now CSC) signed a collaboration agreement to improve the Barcelona city health network. According to this agreement the Consortium became the developer responsible for the construction of the complex and subsequent manager of the primary and community health care services, rehabilitation unit, and accident and emergency. The Barcelona City Council provided the land of the former Borbon garages and is responsible for the civic facilities in the complex: a day centre for the elderly and a library.

The Consortium, provider of Health Services

The main mission of the Consortium is to support its associate members, who are local public and/or non-profit bodies providing public health and social care services.

In recognition of the knowledge accumulated by CSC through the experience of its associates, the Catalan Health Service has entrusted Consortium organizations with the provision of health services to citizens. The first example of this type was the management of the ABS of La Roca del Vallès.

The CIS Cotxeres was a step further in the same direction and introduces the concept of a comprehensive care centre (primary health care, diagnostic tests, community health care, mental health and accident and emergency) as well as a style of care which is based on closeness to citizens and is deeply rooted in the social make-up of the area. This has been carried out for 6 years in the La Roca ABS with excellent care outcomes.

Visits to CAP CIS Cotxeres:
Tel: (+34) 93 243 89 93