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Who we are and what we do

The Pharmacy and Medicine Area of ​​the CSC was created with the purpose of giving support and advice in the management of the pharmacy and the medicines, as well as defending the interests of the associates to the CSC in pharmacy matters. In addition, this area develops and promotes new models and instruments to help entities improve the efficient management of pharmaceutical services. In this sense, we also propose and implement models that facilitate the optimization of purchases of medicines from entities, and promote synergies and networking projects between CSC members and other agents of the health sector. Innovation is one of the pillars of the CSC Pharmacy and Medicine Area, both in purchasing and management. Also from this area a meeting point of knowledge is generated with cycles of debates and conferences aimed at associates and that also have other agents of the sector to generate a real scenario of experience in the field of pharmacy and medicine. With the Pharmacy and Medicine Area, the CSC wants to be a reference in the management of the medicine:

  • Promoting innovation in the management and purchase of medicines
  • Generating translational and synergistic knowledge throughout the drug value chain, from prescription, purchase and dispensing, to the use and evaluation of results
  • Creating spaces for debate and discussion on public management of medicines
  • Promoting synergies and networking projects related to the use of medicines and improving the quality of care
  • Developing new models and instruments that facilitate the efficient management of pharmaceutical provision
  • Enhancing comprehensive and integrated pharmaceutical care focused on health outcomes

Professional team:     

  • Dr. Antoni Gilabert, Director of the Pharmacy and Medicine Area of ​​CSC     
  • Dr. Josep M. Guiu, chief of planning and pharmacotherapeutic coordination of the Pharmacy and Medicine Area of ​​CSC.