Permanent advice contract

CSC Consultancy and Management SA supports organizations in all management areas: with economic and financial guidance, communication, human resources, information systems, procurement, in consultancy, infrastructure and facilities...

The Permanent Advice Contract is managed by a natural person who is named by the organization's governing body. The management company has no direct responsibility for results, although it does maintain a direct moral and ethical responsibility for ensuring that they are in line with the organization's objectives. 

Service Contract

This is a similar type of contract to the Permanent Advice contract, but it has a more limited scope. Under this contract the portfolio of services is not so comprehensive but rather specifies certain support services which the customer organization wishes to receive (procurement, guidance in labour law, general legal advice, project planning, benchmarking studies, etc.).

Management contract

This type of contract delegates the management functions directly to CSC Consultancy and Management SA in accordance with its management model. With this type of contract the management company has sufficient legal authority to manage and administer the organization and must be accountable for the results obtained, in accordance with the strategic lines and set objectives.

In this type of scenario the director-manager of the organization is a CSC-CiG SA professional.