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(SEPPS) Research Service

Dissemination activities

The contribution to debate and the exchange of experience and knowledge is made possible both through the publication of books and in a range of other ways: through the organization of seminars and technical presentations at the headquarters in Barcelona, through participation in conferences where the different stakeholders in health systems interact, and through the teaching of courses in Spain and further afield.

Technical presentations

For the 13th consecutive year the CSC is presenting monthly presentations on matters of interest for health systems, on health policy, health service management and public health.

The presentations, free and open to all, take place on one Thursday each month between 14:00 and 16:00 at the CSC headquarters.

Booking confirmations should be sent using the registration link for the appropriate session.

Committee for qualitative research in health

The main objective of the commission of qualitative research is to promote discussion and encourage learning about qualitative research methodology of professionals and research groups and associate centers of CSC and to promote collaboration and the establishment of synergies by conducting joint studies, finding funds for research and dissemination of the results of the projects.

The committee meets every two months and is composed of researchers, professionals and those in charge of research in health centres in Catalonia.

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Teaching activities

Health systems and policies

The objective of the module is to provide a general view of the functions and organization of health systems and to analyse the basic management tools used in health systems. This has been part of various Master's course and is currently part of the Master's in International Health at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

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Introduction to applied qualitative research in health

This course introduces participants to the qualitative techniques used most frequently in the analysis of health and health services for the planning, evaluation, and feasibility studies carried out for interventions. This course has been taught as part of various Master's courses nationally and internationally. It is currently part of the Master's in International Health and Cooperation at the Universidad Autonóma of Barcelona (UAB), in the Master's on Chronicity and Dependency at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra and the UAB, and as part of professional training for health professionals through UCf